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In Memory Of Volunteers Dessie Grew & Martin Mc Caughey,

In Memory Of Volunteers Dessie Grew & Martin Mc Caughey

East Tyrone Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army

Both Volunteers were killed 

in an operation by undercover British soldiers. The British Army's 14 Intelligence Company, which was a secret undercover intelligence unit, also known as the DET, were monitoring three AK47s at a farm building in this rural part of County Armagh and were aware that the IRA Volunteers were due to remove the guns.

As the pair approached an agricultural shed which was being used to grow mushrooms and also thought to have been an IRA arms dump, as many as 200 shots are believed to have been fired at them. Autopsy results showed Dessie Grew had 48 bullet wounds and  Martin McCaughey  had been shot 12times  .  British Army reports of the shooting stated that the two men left the shed holding two rifles, again british propaganda and lies  .  Both Volunteers  were  unarmed

  when the crown forces open fire on them. The SAS was all out to kill them that didnt give the volunteers  time  to surrender they just  killed them.
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