Óglaigh na hÉireann


In Memory Of The 
Clonoe Martyrs


In Memory Of East Tyrone Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army


On 16th February 1992 at 22:30, a car and a truck carrying a number of IRA Volunteers drove into the centre of Coalisland and stopped at the fortified RUC/British Army base. The Volunteers  opened fire on the base at point-blank with armour-piercing tracer ammunition. They had mounted a heavy DShK machine-gun on the back of the lorry. The machine-gun was manned by Kevin O'Donnell. The two vehicles then fled up the Annagher hill and drove past the house of Tony Doris, an IRA volunteer who was  killed the previous year. There they spent the last rounds of ammunition firing in the air and shouting, "Up the 'RA, that's for Tony Doris!". The IRA unit was intercepted by the SAS  at the car park of St Patrick's Roman Catholic church in Clonoe. The I.R.A Volunteers  was trying to dump the truck and escape in cars. The roof of the church was set on fire by SAS flares. Three of the dead were found around the truck, while the fourth was caught in a fence outside the church grounds. The machine-gun had been partially dismantled. At least two IRA volunteers  got away from the scene, but the four Volunteers named above were killed. One SAS soldier was wounded. One witness said that some of the IRA volunteers  were trying to surrender but were then killed by the SAS .

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