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In Memory Of Volunteers  Michael Gaughan And Frank Stagg 

Michael Gaughan was a Provisional Irish Republican Army Volunteer 

He was a hunger striker who died in 1974 in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, England. British policy at this time was to force feed hunger strikers. During his hunger strike, his weight dropped from 160 lb to 84 lb Michael was force-fed from 22 April and this occurred 17 times during course of his hunger strike. The last time he was force-fed was the night before his death on Sunday 2 June. After a hunger strike that lasted 64 days, he died on Monday 3 June 1974, aged 24 years old . 

Michael Gaughan left a final message 

I die proudly for my country and in the hope that my death will be sufficient to obtain the demands of my comrades. Let there be no bitterness on my behalf, but a determination to achieve the new Ireland for which I gladly die. My loyalty and confidence is to the IRA and let those of you who are left carry on the work and finish the fight. 

Frank Stagg was a Provisional Irish Republican Army Volunteer 

Who was a hunger striker from County Mayo, Ireland who died in 1976 in Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, England after 62 days on hunger strike. 

Frank Stagg's demands were 

An end to solitary confinement. 

No prison work. 

Repatriation to prison in Ireland. The British government refused to meet any of these demands. He died on February 12, 1976 after 62 days on hunger strike aged 33 years old.

Video below is of the volunteers funerals

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